Viscosity data input softwareVisco-viewer

This product is software to take data from the tokisangyo's viscometer directly into the Microsoft Excel sheet.
Visco-viewer software provides an easy way to gather data and plot graphs.

This program can be operated only with 32-bit version of Excel. It does not work on 64-bit version of Excel.

< Released version 4.0 >

May,2012 Added the following functions.

Auto-stop functions

Time auto-stop measurement mode
Time auto-stop measurement mode is a function to automatically stop after the set measurement time ends.

Viscosity auto-stop measurement mode
This function automatically stops measurement at the time when the viscosity value of the measurement liquid gradually rises after the start of viscosity measurement and the viscosity value reaches the preset "measurement stop viscosity."

Automatic data save

Auto-stop at an over scale

Continued measurement functions

After end of measurement, save the data and start the new measurement.

Report functions

Make a report for print

Control window

Can easy use it with a mouse

Download the following compressed file and uncompress it.
Double-click "setup.exe" and install it.

If the Visco-viewer program is not installed, it does not work.

Download: Visco_Ver4.zip

Visco-viewer start menu

Viscosity / %Torque plot


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