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Collect data and Plot graphs software "Visco-chart"  Ver.7.0

Visco-Chart is a proprietary software developed by Toki Sangyo Co. Ltd for use with Toki Sangyo viscometers. Visco-Chart is a data retrieval and graph generating software. Visco-Chart fetches data output from the viscometer, creates graphs, saves data, and reproduces saved files as well as performs simple analysis. This software can also be provided with a security function and database function.


Simple operation
Real time graph creation.
Up to 7 types of graphs can be generated.
    - Viscosity (mPa・・s) - Meas. Time (sec)
    - %Torque (%) - Meas. Time (sec)
    - Viscosity (mPa・・s) - Speed (rpm)
    - Viscosity (mPa・・s) - Shear rate (1/sec) (for cone plate)
    - Shear stress (Pa) - Shear rate (1/sec) (for cone plate)
    - Viscosity (mPa・・s) - Temperature (for TPE-100 or TD-100S)
    - Temperature - Meas. Time (sec) (for TPE-100 or TD-100S)
    TPE-100 is sold in the domestic market only.
Program function that can be controlled by PC.
Data can be saved in csv and text formats. (Read-only)
Analysis and printout of saved data.
Automatic retrieval stop function based on viscosity value or time.
TI value calculation function (in program mode)
Simple report (Final data) output function.
Security function
    Security function can be incorporated by installing SQL Server 2008 Express.
    User registration function allows log-in only by registered users.
    Individual access authority setting for each registered user.
Database function
    Database of collected data can be compiled and saved by installing SQL Server 2008 Express.

This program can be used only on Windows 7 or later. Operating guarantee and support will not be applied for earlier operating systems.

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Security function

Database function

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